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Our Story

Ms. Lauren Crawford Reynolds opened Rapture Dance Company's doors for the first dance class on April 18th, 2016.  Ms. Reynolds is the Owner and Artistic Director of Rapture Dance Company.  She began dancing at the age of five and has been teaching and choreographing throughout the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area for almost 15 years.  She grew up dancing in the Northern Kentucky area in many different genres as a competitive dancer, traveling to competitions and conventions within the tristate.  At the young age of twenty-two years old, she graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts with a focus on Dance and a minor in Entrepreneurship.  Opening her own dance studio has been a dream since she was 10 and it's been surreal to see her dream become reality.  As an educator, she is well known for her mentoring capabilities and ability to inspire others through positivity and growth within the artform of dance.  Ms. Reynolds has high expectations for Rapture Dance Company and her students.  She thoroughly enjoys watching her students grow year after year in their dance education and confidence.  She is looking forward to another wonderful season with our dance family!


A word from our students

“Rapture Dance Company is so different from any studio I’ve ever been to. The vibe here promotes happiness as well as hard work. I love the small class sizes and the attention each student gets because of it. Our teachers teach us more than just a shuffle step and tour jeté. We learn the importance of our bodies and our stories.  We learn to throw ourselves into our dances and give every ounce of energy that we have. We learn that dance is so much more than moves that we are taught and string together. We are so grateful for the art we create together. The time we spend inside the walls of the studio will always be remembered after our years here. Thank you for giving us a home and a safe place. Thank you for creating a family of people who love to not only dance but support one another every step of the way. Rapture Dance Company is truly more than a studio; it is a group of loving teachers, hard-working parents, and dedicated students.”
- Alumna, class of 2018

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